--> Unfettered Hearts - a collaborative book project for women
Does having your story featured in an anthology 
with other inspiring individuals appeal to you? 

If so, you are a candidate for our upcoming bestseller, 
Unfettered Hearts:  Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

What do we mean by Extraordinary?

We're looking for stories of people who met a turning point, had an experience, met a person or faced an event that changed their lives dramatically. This can be a story of healing, of career change, of marriage or divorce. It can be about children, animals or friends and family members. What we don't want is 30 stories of conquering trauma or "how I survived" pieces. Those have been done. We want inspiration and examples of opportunities to grow in new, unexpected directions.

Here is what we're looking for:

While everyone has a story, we only want you to use about 300-500 words to tell us the summary of your story. If accepted, we'll want 1800-2500 words for the book. We can have the work fine-tuned and edited. We will also want a clear, strong, black and white photo that represents your story.

Sound like you?  Great, now you can be part of something bigger than yourself and help others find new paths! 

​How to get started:

Write a 300-500 word summary (final story can be up to 2500 words)
of your story and include your bio below.  

First and Last Name: 

Your Website: 


Story - (either a short summary or the complete 
full-length entry)


After you submit, we'll review your application and respond
with notification of acceptance or rejection.  Thanks for submitting!