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ERNESTINE COLOMBO:  I retired in 2011 with the idea that I would start to write again. I’d sit down with paper and pen and just couldn’t get into a flow. I immersed myself in my garden where the colors and patterns of each season slowly erased my former life of cubicles and someone else’s deadlines. The seasons passed with their own deadlines, the garden expanded, but when I sat down at a blank paper the words just didn’t come.

Then one day I started writing again. Simple as that. Well, not so simple. I logged over fifty revisions as I crafted and wordsmithed and proofread. But the characters flowed and the story was there. I published my first novel, Returning Souls, in February 2018. It’s the story of a woman who embarks on the journey of a lifetime after a near-death experience, and discovers her second chance at her own life. I’m working on a sequel, hopefully to be published in late 2018 – early 2019.

Even though I’ve traveled all over the world and dreamed about moving to many of the places I visited, I still make my home in a suburb of New York City that’s less than 20 miles from the street where I was born.

These days when I’m not revising short stories or writing something new, I work in my garden, commune with my cats, play with my partner’s grandkids, or sit outside at twilight waiting for the last ruby-throated hummingbirds of the day. They come for a final sip of nectar at the moment when night has fallen, then melt into the trees.
SHARON CASSANOLOCHMAN is a spinner of drama, tailor of emotions, manipulator of personal connections, and a player of words. She writes for the spiritually minded and the young at heart. She is the author of Spiritual Verse Today, Man with the Sand Dollar Face, Room for Grace, and Stranded on Thin Ice, all Amazon bestsellers.

#1 best-selling author Sharon CassanoLochman founded Ontario Shore Publishing in 2016. To learn more about Sharon CassanoLochman and her award-winning books.

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Denise Cassino has a BA in English from Northern Illinois University and has had a career in sales and marketing that spans 30 years.

As a book promoter, Denise has launched more than 500 books to Best Seller status on Amazon. Denise offers a broad menu of services for book promotions and her diverse talents make her the perfect all-in-one person for book promotions of all kinds. Bestseller Services was

Bestseller Services joined forces in 2018 with Ontario Shore Publishing to form American Eagle Book Awards to further support American Indie authors.

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Suzanne Singer, aka author Lily Tanzer, is a native Texan, born and raised in Austin. Always intrigued by human behavior, she earned a degree in Psychology from the University of Texas in 1985. At the age of twenty six, she welcomed a renegade dog into her life who further extended her studies in behavior - human and canine.

This furry soulmate, Keisha, introduced her to the subtleties (and sometimes dramas) of life with a dog and inspired Lily to chronicle her experiences in her first book Travels with the Doggie Lama.

Lily continues to be enamored with her four-legged family members and has been delighted to learn of the rich, often secret, lives of her canine friends. She has come to understand that every dog has a story; a story that is meaningful and filled with the only thing that really matters in life: love (and maybe a few giggles).  Contact Suzanne.